Happy birthay N - Now am not lame :p

9:33:00 PM

First of all YESS YESS YESSSSSSSSSS!!! Today is the right date, I already made a blunder before but this time I won't buhahahahahaha happy shappyy too you, Happy birthdayyyyyyyy my beshtesstttt friend :p Yes happy too you N.... Oye oye I made this for you vekho vekhooo jaldi sey:

No its not as romantic as the last thing I gave to you on your birthday per pichli baar I had forgotten your birthday toh makhan ziyada marna thaa naa apun ko :p is baar toh 2-2 baar wishing you :DD

Yes in our dreams we are together AND NOOOO don't you dare be all lovy dovy, mayr bandi tumhey aur mujhey jaan sey maar dalay gi :p hehehe! I so remember the times we used to be all lame and stupid and talk about the sea side and uff times we could have by having bbq parties you with HIM and I with MINE(jo bhi ho us time per hopefully yehi wali ho) khair... And I was reading the poem I wrote for you...

I will be the sun in your sky
And I will be the one by your side
I will always be there to get you through

I will be the one who loves you
And I will be the one who comes through
I will always be here for you

continues... continues.....

Seriously that was ufff per lame, yeah yeah I love you PER you know the SPECIAL kind of SYMPATHETIC love, akhir kaar tumhey aur koi toh milna nahi toh mayri hi zarurat honi hai tujh ko aur beshhtt hai key main itni door houn tu mujhey maray gi bhi nahi :p

Anyways, I know am showing you this very very very late according to my time, per I wanted to make a lasting impact on you... OYE MOTIII happy birthday melii jaan remember you deserve happiness and your GADHAA is not good for you, go find another banda :p

love you
and one more time all musical

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOO YOU MOTIIIII (though only parts of you are fat :p :p - KEEEEEL ME)

OYE PEOPLE GOOOO WISH HER ON HER BIRTHDAY PLEAJJJ link is => http://miserable--happiness.blogspot.com

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