Happy Birthday N

5:06:00 AM


Yeah I know you'll gonna kill me if I take your full name so just keeping it till the N part.... No crazy girl this time no cards for you no poems for you... Maybe coz have done that a billion times by now... Knowing you for that long and still knowing you, lol you know its kinda hard for someone to be with me for this long but khair YOU somehow managed to survive :p
Yeah yeah, I know you must be thinking that motaa last time forgot my birthday and this time he is trying to be cheezy by saying such words rather then giving something special to you... But trust me if you'd not been in Canada, I would have popped up first thing in the morning at your place with SOMEONE (yesh yeshh I know I didn't tell you about it) and given you a full time party sharty!!
Damn girl why the hell are you in Canada? Waisey naa acha hi hai tum wahan ho, aiween mayra demagh khati yahan :p :p

Anyways, have a blast at your birthday and hope S gives you a good time around and A wishes you and what was the name of the other one... :p :p oh I mean wohi wohi I seriously forgot his name :p celebrates your birthday awesomely!

Cake and gift due hai ;)

and oh PEOPLE pls check out her blog http://miserable--happiness.blogspot.com/ as she is a great photographer, writer and lol you'll just enjoy her blog

One of her photography which I love <3

Once again!!

Best of luck for your 2 exams as well I know you'll ace them =D or at least try to :p :p (kill me kill me)

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