Intoxicating Love (revisited)

6:34:00 PM

A soulful connection.... It opened today, discharged it energy. Took your sleep away, liberating your soul. You were flourishing in the bright of day. I closed my eyes only for a moment took a deep breath then looked into your eyes with curiosity. Our blue hues were matching the vast cyan sky. "I wish it was night", the only thing you were thinking. "I wish it would be raining", the only thing I was thinking. "I wish this moment lasts forever", the only thing we were wishing. Your hypnotic view can capture all the wondering souls and I must say I drowned a million times in your beautiful eyes. Dark black, yes the color of your eyes... Radiance glistens, beaming forth your good nature. Rays from the sun: mere beams that shine, rays from your eyes: a charming spectacle. Your hair; long dark black with a tinge of red making me loose my focus over everything except you.

We met that day, I came close to you, holding your hand looking into your eyes whispered,"You are my island of pride a sea of regrets." You smiled and placed your hand on my cheek. I continued,"My guiding star *took a halt*, you are my guiding star in the pitch black sky. You are the lone tree of happiness that breaks my field of despair. You my jaan are my one, and you are only mine." *kissing on your forehead* "I'd do most anything for you. You really don't know what I'd do to have just one day of your attention, of your time, when all the stars seem to align. Of your love, of your smile, when the sun beams on our skin, all the while."

Coming more close lips touching with yours gently kissed you, "I can feel the heat coming off your skin as we sit so close, the urge in your eyes is so visible. Urge to be completely mine. My heart is pounding right out of my chest but it is feeling so right. You my jaan are so intoxicating, I could never expect this that I'd find a soul so beautiful, so deep and loving who'll shook me away from my existence and bound every iota of me in your beautiful soul. Yes you are the one to whom I belong." As I said that, She looked at me, desiring me and at that moment blood became fire, calmness became desire. "Isn't it hard to battle with feelings?" She whispered in my ear while kissing me "Desire, lust, passion, love, feelings, you me us... all that matters."

Dots and small imprints of myself, wind up in your skin, As I feel and now know; I finally found the perfect girl. I found you! The one I can confide in and truly love. I have learned not just a mere lesson, Like this liasion of spiritual healing, brings the love of eternity to you. You ain't a normal girl, you are a piece of a puzzle of perfection. You definitely have it all that I need; trust, love, emotions, care and passion. All the world of experience you give to me, makes me brilliant as the sky or sea. You are my clarity and lucidity of compassion, for in you I have found soulful love, And I hope you have in me.... *she places her finger on my lips* "Ssshhhh! Let love stay when lust cannot, let it lead us to that new place where memory finds a sense of grace and tears no longer burn - I love you too. I have completely fallen out of my senses dulled by ur presence. I fall into a state where time and space loose all their meaning... I find myself surronded by the depth of the gaze of your brown eyes which capture me like a prisoner... Every touch takes me to a new level of escatsy where all i see and hear is you... No doubt i find myself in wonderland but that too on this earth.."

*Kissing her passionately" I can say and write a million words remembering this moment but I know none of them can exactly explain how I feel. All I can do is close my eyes and remember the gentle touches that let me feel your intent, the sweet caresses which tease me with torment. The intoxicating aroma controlling my senses, seeping through the cracks of my defenses; with a feeling lingering and timeless, showing the unforgettable love you possess.... Yes, I am madly in love with you; intoxicated by the divine passion that resonates with my very soul.

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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