P.s I love you

10:59:00 PM

At times I think, think about life what would it be if we would have met before, would I be the same would our love be the same? As I hold you know these thoughts capture me in a way I can not explain. I wish I could, is it true that giving up your self to someone for someone is as hard as giving birth to a child for a girl? I don't know but the only thing I know is that I desire you.

You know what when I look at you, I get completely lost in your dark black eyes. I try to get out of it but these walls are too high to climb out of. These thorns are too many to walk over. You have always been by unreachable dream and that's the way it would always seem. But today as I held you in my arms dreams became to little and I too strong.

Ecstasy; a word which has a meaning for other but you being my ecstasy I can not understand the true meaning of it. I... I'll... Listen Love glows of a certain shine.. Its everlasting thought is divine. But a quick glance of you is like a wondrous dream fearing to be spared from its gleam. Can you understand me the way I wish to understand you? Yes wish to understand as at the moment everything is blurred away, all I can remember is me feeling you.

"In love and perfection seeks
Eye to eye, dreamy smiles leaks"

I am so distorted so mesmerized... Yet so much into you. You know what I just want to see you when you are alone, I just want to catch you if I can I just want to be there When the morning light explodes On your face it radiates... I can't explain nor escape from this feeling.... I just want to tell you nothing you dont want to hear. All I want is for you to say Why dont you just take me Where I have never ever been before... I know you want to feel my heart beat, catch my breath... And I just want you to be there When it rains... I just want to see you laugh not cry... I just want to feel you When the night puts on its cloak.. I am lost for words... Ssshhh dont tell me all I can say is that I wonder what would be life without life(you) its self....

you know what lured into feeling something, something inside this hollow shell where the walls used to taste bitter. A place where all the foundations had crumbled, and no one wanted to see then you, you came and now it is like living in heaven on earth. You used to make my heart stop beating, not you make it rage out of control as its going to explode with your love. You, bea... and me complement each other. I am like the fire's glow which brushes the colours of twilight over your face, even as the sky purpled into black. And you are like the stars,few but makes the moon hid itself in the shadows for the time being... I wish words could explain what it is meant to be explained...

Dreaming to be yours, is a reality I wish to dream... And I can't help feeling like I'll see you again...as memory and reality blurs together...

P.s I love you...

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