Quick updates 4/6/10

8:18:00 PM

YEAAAAHHHH!!! MIDZ finally over!!!! Am free freee aaaa naaa!! :p its the usual stuff...

Anyways love the weather, I was going bonkers all the way on my way back... Called HER UP, and HER TOO :p :p okay okay... called two close friends up.... and ONE DASH INSAAN didn't pick up the phone so missed her a lot. DASHHH!!!!

Yesh am mad, and oh hungry too.... acha acha chup!! heheh nahi that I can't... So yesh am going out for food... kahan?? Yeh nahi pata!!

Anyways see this pictaarsss Not good but well I was just taking them. I had forgot my cam home saray rastay afsoos mai mubtala raha :p :p

Not the exact thing but still love it :DD

anyways aaj kal am uploading ALOT!!! ALOT!! over here => http://beyondethcanvas.blogspot.com

and was thinking to change the template....

hayeeeee bhoooook chalo mai chalta houn!! Saraoun gaa thori dair main... hausla rekhna BUHAHAHAH!!!!

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