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Flavors (http://flavorsmakelife.blogspot.com) had placed their stall at Lahore School of economics today, it was a great day... And those of you who don't know what FLAVORS is, it is my mom's project which I handle along. She makes cakes, desserts and other food stuff also does catering for small events. So anyways we went to LSE and the worst part was when me and mum were done with the stalk it was over 350 pieces almost 400... and we were in a fix... Coz they were ALOTTTTTT.... Anyways start was pretty good, we were selling it like hot cakes (yes they actually were hot) :p :p and it was very hot that day so I was being a good sales person and with complete gloves and stuff was selling things... Then in the middle we came to a hold LOL but then some friends started to help and our sales double ... so concluding part was we sold every thing... were just left with like 8 pieces and that too coz we refused to sell as they had become hard coz of putting it outside for display purposes....

And yes more pictures below

My stall, not that much decorated but this was the best I could do alone... My friend wasn't helping me in decorating, he was just being an accountant :p

Me on my RAIRII :p 
Lol... khair was selling stuff with proper instruments and organized manner 

Radioactive Cake Slices
Basically this cake was filled with mushhy chocolate and mint

Pinky Delight
All girls loved this one ;p

Minty Fudge
My most selling product

Flavors Special mix tray

More pictures on facebook.If you want to order something or see our gallery pls check our page on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Lahore-Pakistan/Flavors/120136444674538)
Oh and we have fathers day special things too

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