Through a Different Lens

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A medium is necessary for even light to travel. Humans require a media for expression of feelings, either by body language, behavior or enhancing amplitude of their special talent.

Some of us, normal looking people are different from others but all those different people are alike. Artist, embodied in everyone is the adhesive of normality and recognizing marks the difference.

She was not normal according to people who claimed to know her. No one can forget her once met. Maybe it was such because people thought that she was unique as she was an inspiring respiring body;  slim physique, long hair tied in a chutiya and black spectacles hiding her lovely eyes, while had a very mature voice and brilliant student, the ones which people give examples of. Everyone registered her, but she was unaware of the surrounding busy in exploring herself everyday stretching her own limits, ready to learn and experiment. The only problem which she had was she wasn’t expressive. It was not that she didn’t want to express, the only thing was she didn’t knew how to express the only thing she used to do so was to dance; yes she danced to express her feelings… She was no ballad dancer, a random street learner whose moves were dependent on her mood swings. She believed in all feelings except one; that was of love.

Innocent, cute and sweet she danced with a feeling like that of a child who plays in the puddle of muddy water, splashes with no worries of being scolded. Her dance disconnected her from the world, and the connection was regained when her desired feelings were released. One can say; she expelled what she dint want as her own component.

Yes she was different, her nature, her kindness in fact her soul made her different from everyone. And the best part of her was that she never isolated herself when others needed her. She talked to many people at the hour of their need. She didn’t care how she looked. She was a firm believer of practicing own beliefs.
She kept on living and dancing like this and one day everything was different, she was dancing unusually; happy vibes were being felt by her coz she was experiencing a new feeling; but the only thing she worried was to know that the new feeling was of love.

It happened! Love happened… It’s said that love always attracts the hearts which are innocent and oblivious to it. So her heart was perfect for it. But being innocent and cute did not make her let go of what she was taught. The teachings which made her stand different from others, the ones which made here unique; Yes her moral value. She knew her limits and also knew the difference between right and wrong and was focused on her destination and she knew it was not love. That made her determined… She’s determined to never tell that guy about her feelings as she thought it to be unfair on her parents’ part.

He; a perfect candidate, the one who she could definitely fall for. Because he was the one who did not demand any explanations, the one who stood by her every time. His gaze was not meant to be described. He was not normal too. A man with thoughts above his age and actions immature. He was a feeble who needed a finger to wrap around and walk.
Having 'I know everything' attitude made her dislike him. But he was an exact copy of hers. She never saw time passed by when with him sharing the miniature talks making it a complex relation. Confronting each other, made her go deep to invade this new feeling.

She could feel the heat of his body blending with his, his touch was soft, all that warmth of hug made her crazy. She could neither tell him anything nor could she keep it in herself. She danced in the middle of night for hours until she was tired to breathe and aggression was overcome. While heavily breathing she whispered to herself

“urtay khwabon ka aitbaar kahan…
ab mujhe koi intezaar kahan”

According to people she’s mad unhappy and bored of life which is partly true but she’s happy the way she is! As sometimes in life it’s meant to be so; to find happiness in larger scene rather than looking for them in every moment.

“mere mehboob chal aur kahin
Jahan bantay ho, hawaon mein, ujartay na hoon
mahal khwabon ke kabhi”

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