Tu hai aarzoo

9:54:00 PM

It was you
Who showed me the way
It was you
Who made the world worth living to me
And now
I am all alone
Because you
You left me here in pain

Hai Dil Ko Teri Justju
Par Mein tujhe na pa sakun

You were the one who
Motivated me
Loved me
Showed me what caring is
And you were the one who sent me back
Back to the place from where you brought me
Maybe coz

Main hoon Shab tu Subah
Dono Juda Ke Juda
Main hoon Lab tu dua
Dono Juda Ke Juda

Standing here alone now
Trying to get into the sun
But the walk to the sunlight seems to be so long
Longer then it ever was

Kai khawaab dil tujhko le kar sajaye thay
Per khauf yeh bhi tha kahin per sataye
Yeh bhi toot gaye ab mayra hoga kya re
Mujhe raas aati hai khushiyan kahan re

Since you left me
Everything seems to be so hard
And every way I have to walk
Seems to be so long
I wish you were here by my side
Helping me to get through the storm
‘cuz I’m seems to getting nowhere without you…

Tu hi to har bandha hai
LAmhoo ki in zanjeeron main
Tu hi to har dum raha hai
Khawabo ki har tabeeron mein
Tu hi to har din dikha hai
Dundhli ya ujali tasveeron mein

Teri hi to hai khushoo
Mujhe mein haan bea re
Teri hi to hai khushoo
Mujhe mein haan

Do you miss me, while you are searching for your lost self out there?
Knowing that I am also thinking of you somewhere near...
You are still a part of me
A part which i'd never wish to separate from me

Haan tera saaaya to mein hoon
Par sang tere na reh sakhun
Haan Iss safar mein to mein hoon
Par sang tere na ruk sakun

This is not what I decide,
This is what I allowed you to choose for me.....
Even though your decision :p

Hayee... Main hoon Shab tu Subah... Dono Juda Ke Juda.... Why did you take me out of that world, showed me light and then pushed me back? WHY? I'd like to know the truth this time....

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