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Okay fill this out with YES/NO/ALOT (you can add more words to it though :p)

Pretty (lameeeeee tha yeh wala waisey :p):

Yeah some people already did, which made me post this up :p

This one was by a fellow blogger Ayesha :)
Fighter: No
Shy: No
Selfish: No
Crazy: A lot
Sincere: Yes
Liar: No
Pretty: No
Rude: No
Caring: A lot
Friendly: A lot
Talkative: Yes
Boring: No
Loving: A lot
Confidence: A lot
Compromising: A lot

Lots and lots of A LOTS :p

By Zee

Fighter: No
Shy: No
Selfish: Not at all
Crazy: A lot
Sincere: A lot
Liar: No
Pretty: No this option should be changed :p in the form of cute hahaha
Rude: No
Caring: A lot
Friendly: Yes
Talkative: Yes
Boring: umm.. no
Loving: A lot
Confidence: Yes
Compromising: A lot

She was sweet, hai na!!

By Sid

Fighter: Yes
Shy: No
Selfish: A LOT
Crazy: No
Sincere: Yes
Liar: A LOT
Pretty: Yes
Rude: Yes
Caring: No
Friendly: Yes
Talkative: A lot
Boring: A lot
Loving: No
Confidence: A lot
Compromising: No

Lol yeah she had lots of things to say about me :p maybe coz of the experience or something :p and oh she doesn't lie...


Fighter: With me yes A lot
Shy: No
Selfish: Yes
Crazy: Yes
Sincere: don't know
Liar: No
Pretty: aaaa......
Rude: Blunt
Caring:  Hell a lot
Friendly: Yes
Talkative: Yeaa
Boring: No
Loving: Yes
Confidence: Yes
Compromising: Yes

She doesn't lie either.... So I think am selfish... Lol woh toh pehley sey hi kehta tha that I am...

By Jaan

Fighter: Not at all
Shy: Naa
Selfish: Nope
Crazy: A lil
Sincere: A Lot
Liar: Nope
Pretty: hehehe very much
Rude: kabhi kabhi
Caring: a loooot love 2 pamper
Friendly: a lot
Talkative: a lot
Boring: not at all
Loving: oo la laa
Confidence: a lot
Compromising: a lot

Ahmmm ahmmm <3 <3 kuch nahi kehna mayray ko is pey... <3 <3 yeh kafi hain ;)

p.s I have two new followers :D now I have 73 followers :D welcome 'ol dat jazz and Xnb =)

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