7:50:00 AM

Relieved, can breathe! Tired yet satisfied... Had my final presentation yesterday and YES I EFFING ACED IT alhamdullilah.
Yesterday was a very weird day in the sense had huge mood swings, and well someone was depressed too so that was bad. Anyways I think am lost in music these days, there are two times when I am such; when am happy and when am depressed. So I guess music is all about life...

I have my final exams from monday to wednesday after that am free from university but have lots of work to do for the the party we are arranging and uff we are totally out of money. We thought this would be easy to pull off, but reality check this isn't!!

I don't even know why am writing this up but I just feel like it... Feel like letting words come out of me even if they don't mean anything...

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