Breaking us ain't that easy

8:57:00 AM

Yet another bomb blast, and this time at a shrine which is very famous and pious and millions of people visit it. Data Darbar and that too on a thursday! DEGRADING, DISRESPECTFUL! Terrorism and am sure not by a Muslim, how can a Muslim kill anyone while they are praying? Rehmet Zara ay khuda is kom ki hifazat ker! Save the people, save us! Save the children which do not have any sin; save the ones which are innocent the ones which do not know what crime is.
WHY DO PEOPLE DO SUCH THING? The suicide bombers were of 17, 21 and 22 years old, does anyone think why they are leaded to such crimes?

ek pal mila kabhi khushnuma
ek pal mila kabhi ghamzada
ek pal rahi kabhi kheriyyat
ek pal huwa kabhi haadsa
rehmat zara... karde khuda...
rehmat zara... ham par tu karde khuda...

We know we aren't great, we know we do lots and lots of sins every day but please God do not punish us in this way... Rehmat Zara....

Every Siren grows louder.
Is this test for ours to become stronger?
Splitting sounds
Excruciating pain
Is there someone there who can save us?

Women scream, and the children cry
People moaning with ache.
Fear etched upon our hearts.
Another day, another bloodshed.
Innocent lives being lost.

Tranquility lingers till dawn.
Another explosion, another mother wails.
Her hands joined together to pray
Tragic tears rolling down as streams
"Please stop"

You've stolen our dreams,
Veiled every ray of light,
Will you ever stop?
Will you ever let us be?

You've stolen our serenity,
But not our hearts.
You've instilled fear,
But not hope.
Let us be, because you can't break us down

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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