Crumpled page

7:18:00 AM

An aspiring professional liar of truths—myself;
A fledgling poet—sits as the light dims
Thoughts flickering
Like flowers growing in proximity,
Perhaps like weeds that choked the other's light.

Why so serious?
Why so gloomy?
A question which light asks;
Why everything so deep?
And why is everyone into it?

Lighten up a bit...
The blue light would soon fade,
Rise up your chin,
To pride
To love
To hate..

Why so many thoughts?
Why so many words?
Why so many reasons?
Does all this give security?
Does all this make it right?

So many words so many feelings,
and yes so much crap!!

None of it is real
None of it brings joy.

The lines are flat upon the crumpled page,
The darkness is arising...
Light is fading...

As I write
I loose the demons in my head,
Delaying them,
Just letting the light take over,
Me and my existence...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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