I broke you

10:20:00 PM

My mirror,
My reflection,
My twin soul!
I admit, it is indeed true...
You never know what you've really got untill it's gone...

You fragile as a rose,
Beautiful as a moon,
Pure - as me; yes I considered myself pure...
Innocent as a little girl.

I suffocated you, my betrayal destroyed you in a way no one can. You finally thought that I'll keep you happy, give you all the peace in life BUT WHAT DID I DO? I took your trust and shattered it into a million and one pieces. And the piece so small that they can not be bounded together at least not that easily. I love you I really do! But I am the one who doesn't deserve your love.

How could I break you yet again? Yes I do love you, but only caused you pain. Broke you in pieces, smashed because of me. I have no idea what I have put your through or maybe I do, coz my love is still true.

I would do anything to have you back, but I know you hate me coz I left you standing there alone, when you needed my embrace I wasn't there!

Where did my promises go? I know you can't breathe, I said that I'd be always there, no it was not a lie as I cared, I loved I considered you my wife but what I did proves something else hai na?

Such bataoun? I didn't mean to; but saying this doesn't matter naa?

HEY!! my heart is dry... out of your love... PLEASE don't leave me... I'm out of touch... I can't live without you... I really want you happy but the greed of my heart just keeps pulling at me... I need you in more ways possible; more then anyone in the world. I would die if it made you smile, just to see that happiness that I took away... I feel like a piece of myself died when I hurt you; there's nothing I can do... Please forgive me... Or i'll die every night without you; slowly and painfully and am glad I found three news ways to kill me slowly secretly efficiently and yes I deserve it all... Because of all the suffering I put you through... I'll suffer... Just for you, why? Because I love you the most...

HEY!! ZEE!! Be happy; you took away everything that mattered to me. Your lies destroyed me, now be really happy to see me alone dying, while being called HER murderer! be really happy zee!

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