Lucid Dream

6:34:00 PM

Captivating me
with the endless teasing
twinkle in my eyes
the shadows dance
as i follow me

Dhalta Sooraj Dheke
Aur Hawa chuke Guzre
Jalwa Woh Nayab tha
Asal tha Yake Khwab tha

Standing before the mirror,
Is it a dream
A lucid dream
I guess
Lurking around me
memories of my temptations,
all mesmerizing

I want you
I want it
I want the substance
The substance which is mesmerizing me

Kuch bhi jo accha lage
Aur milay bhi
Zaroori to nahi
Sach hai per
hai Ajeeb

The shadows of the mirror
The mirror which I stand infront of
still taunt
still hurt
still enlighten my desires
arousing me ever so gently
tickling my senses

Ik andheri si raat
Aur kuch kadmoon ki chhap
Alam ki thi yeh kya baat
Jaise Andhekhi sa ghaat

Confused I am
And will remain
Until the dawning of a newly found hour
Shadows would fade
As I keep on looking at the mirror
the person gazing back at me,
in the mirror remains.
Lurking around me
memories of my temptations,
My lucid dream....

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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