7:18:00 AM

A misunderstanding can easily happen
It can hurt people
It can hurt them a lot

A misunderstanding can occur
When people don’t speak up
Speak up and let them know
How they feel about things
What they’re thinking

Misunderstanding someone is a terrible crime ...If you misunderstand your best friend; you might lose your friendship... If you misunderstand your parents; you'll get into trouble... If you misunderstand your lover; you'll hurt their feelings or if they misunderstand you they can even leave you in a way no other can!! Why do we misunderstand people? Is it because we are locked up in our own depressions and sorrow that is why we are unable to understand?

Why do they happen?
They start with a simple thing
A small thing, easily settled

But they grow
Grow out of hand
Beyond any boundaries
They grow so strong it breaks
Break friendships almost forged in steel
Break family bound by blood
And break lovers joined by heart

Best and worst part of it is that
Everyone thinks that they are right
All think they don’t need to know the other’s reason

Some forget that there are two sides to a tale
Sometimes even more
I sometimes wish people were more like me
At least I listen to all sides
To everyone
What they have to say
Allow them to talk to avoid misunderstandings
Avoid them getting out of hand

Break people in a way,

I wish people would just listen...
Just trust their hearts
Rather then the words...

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