My first event - Ecstasy Unraveled

1:48:00 PM

So finally its done, my first event!! I mean the first event of my company LINEAR - Events and Management

Well to be very honest, I didn't hope that we would pull it off especially when all odds were playing against us. The drinks weren't delivered, a cracker which was considered as bomb blast was fired near by, 2 rival and famous event management companies did their best to get our event canceled. Till 10.30 pm only 2 tickets were sold out and then as the clock ticked 10.31pm things changed, turned like anything!!! Allhamdulillah... We were suppose to have 150 people in the house but at the end over 250 couples were in and over 400 - 500 stags were fighting on the doors to come in. No am not bragging this actually happened. Anyways, we did end up with a loss which in parties always occur but for future events we have built respect and audience!!

Some pics from the event are below:

Am not happy at all with the photographs even though my studio people took these pictures as they weren't coordinated well, I was busy with all the shit as only three people own the whole thing and pulled this off. So the guys which are properly trained just remained in the BOX, no creativity was carried out not even a proper coverage.

And oh yeah my interview was ON AIR all day long on City 42. Am trying to get hold of the interview but no chance till now, or else I'll show you all...

p.s things in my life are pretty bad, so bad that I can't even tell what happened | not coz of what I did but coz of what happened and most people won't believe... And that's what happen when you meet up with shitty people who contact you then do everything in their control to screw up your life. Anyways just pray that things get better, coz someone deserves happiness not all this!

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