The Puddle Perspective

12:37:00 PM

As I stare into this water puddle
A wisp, a shadow of the familiar
Surfaces, wavering...

Life is strange ain't it?
The reflected realm resonates purpose
And design for which differs
Creating an urge to view a different perspective...

I could see right up,
Rather I choose to see in this little puddle,
I choose so, to make it upside down,
To see that am not always right,
To know that there is always another side of life,
An understanding which I wish I had understood...

Gazing into this strange reflection,
I see images beckoning, calling
Unable to drown this deep dejection...
Yet I stare... useless, meaningless
I vent my mind...

Looking at this water...
Which thought all it had was the power of reflecton,
It never knew it's hidden power: the power of perfection...
A true reflection... and another perspective...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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