Untitled Reality

7:41:00 AM

Niklay jo hum duniya ki bheer mai pata chala, "Faraz"
Har woh shaks akela hai jo apnay pay bharosa kerta hai

And I thought; I, me and myself was enough for me! Satisfying, keeping me safe... Yet when this world plays it magic these things change. Divine solitude I guess!

In my home I am the Solitude of my inner candle burning bright, flickering pure, I am illuminated by the ghosts I see in the lonely Flame that casts no shadow, but still I feel their footsteps on my heart, etched in the fluid focus of my inner sight, through the chimes of my loving night; my pen is a comet trailing beauty behind... As I write, I live another life another moment another segment is emphasized! I choose this, keeping my pain to my self, yet expressing my love to you! My solitude is weird na? Am with you, I belong to you yet I consider it my solitude...

I look at the blackened, empty space on my heart where once lit a fire every day... Now this space belongs to you, drain out me, my love, my existence as every bit of me belongs to you and only you my dear! For all those moments we spend together, for all those moments when you are kind... for all those precious times we share... for the late nights and restless evenings, the far off journeys in our hearts and in
our minds. With you each tomorrow is another yesterday, each passing moments another to be shared... The desire to wait for every second to be spent with you...

My love I see you here but this curse of mine, this scar we share... The one I gave you and one which you kept on making deep in my soul... If only the heavens held a place for us but a cold lonely hell, left only to dispair... i pick amongst the ashes searching for what was maybe never there... Searching for a peace a calm, which I find in your arms and you find in my arms... Finding it in general, for US!! No loose ends, just a path where I walk, while taking your hand in mine again leading and not lagging not knowing where this road would lead where this love will take us I just walk with you knowing, wishing, desiring everything to be fine again...

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