20 - 8 - 2010

10:47:00 AM

Yeah I love making such posts, I mean dated type updating sort as I know you people don't bother reading it all coz they usually are long and stuff :p per phir bhi I thought why not write up!

So those of you who wanted to see me dying and stuff, well am not dead and Alhamdulillah am not miserable either... Things are getting better on the other side now (personal life) and weird and messy on the side which was better (professional life). Working on another event which would take place on 25th of September, plus finalizing the script of the play which we are working. So lots of work going on.

Plus university would be opening on 30th August, so excited about it as this time we'd be doing ragging BUHAHAHA!! So all of you new students coming to Lahore School of Economics watch out (lame line) :p

On other end, rozay's are going good! Mom is trying different things daily since she is back, per somehow us waqt tak daily himat nahi hoti to take pictures but would do that soon...

Did I mention that am in the core team of SNAPISTAN? Go check it out http://snapistan.com

Am working on a series on my blog http://beyondthecanvas.blogspot.com which is below

30 Days of Ramadan

Last but not least, well I have new followers on both blogs so Beep beep is on 79 now and Beyond the canvas on 63. So thank you AL, Falaxy, Sidrah, WarmSunshine, Mubi, Khizz, Sara Sid

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