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Yeah I love you! You I mean... not you, I mean YOU!! Naah side tay ho I mean YOU!!! Yes you... I love the way you love me, and love the way I find peace in you! Though I wish I could indulge your soul in eternal peace somehow; to take away every pain, every misery, every bit of suffering out of you!! I really wish that...

Anyhow my collaboration with Purple was something I had to talk about to so its up! First photograph of our collaboration series is on her blog http://veiledexistence.blosgpot.com and second on my other blog http://beyondthecanvas.blogspot.com

Yesterday was a very happy day for me in the start but it ended up as very sad. I got my mano billi yesterday actually it was a billa :p but he was so cute. His name was Muffy! My friend gave it to me as she had two cats and they were fighting so she gave it to me PERMANENTLY... Well in the start he was friendly with me but scared I brought him home on my car he sat on the seat next to me bohat mazay ka lag raha tha... And took it to my room when I got back home... He was very scared... he roamed around the room and hid himself in a corner not saying anything he was very sad. And uper sey jis ney mujhey di she was crying her head off! Anywaysssss skip the love story between me and my cat... instant love tha per anyways... at the end my mom said she cannot see this poor thing so sad and komal bhi roye jaa rahi the to get her cat back (yes us zalim ney apna mood change ker liya) so I gave my Muffy back :( :(

Per some pics of muffy for you people

Mayla muffy <3

Sad ho gaya tha :(

Mujh say naraz, waiting to go back home

Bacharay ki shakal hi utar gayee thee :(

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