All of us have to die sometime

8:09:00 PM

It really takes real strength to get up every morning knowing that you aren't wrapped in my arms... but still paste a smile on my face. Today I hung myself with my last breathe and burned all the emotions struggling to be let loose. I convinced myself that I needed this. I convinced myself that I wanted this. I convinced my self that this can be a new desire to make me survive the separation... To be with you; daily... to help you out in life without being yours... It took me a lot of time to make my self understand that this new life would be fine... But then you came... you said what I didn't desire to hear... You moved on and that too so quickly...
And now it hurts pretty bad... And now it'll be always going to be me who sees himself in the mirror when he is lonely. Don't let my words create a difference for you because you already know the truth, you know what am goring through and what you are doing knowing my love for you... so
Live. Love. Breathe.
Because all of us have to die sometime.

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