As I held you in my arms

10:01:00 PM

You'll be safe in my arms...
That I whispered to my self...

These castle walls of mine opened gently -
*whispering* please, do make yourself at home, and
rest your worried heart, darling;
shower me with everything that's on your mind.

I curled you up on the bed
Hands holding your head
Lying there close to you
Not able to see the marks

The things you showed me was it the whole picture?
Or is it just the start?
Is this the way you love me?
You yet again captured my heart

But you know what
I’m here to stay
Nothing can separate us
And I know you are okay
As I cradle you gently
Wrapped you in my arms, I’m home

After this is over
I know the truth...
I know you are gone...
Am left with things which don't matter to anyone

A broken heart,
A day to remember,
A pain to feel as the scars remain,
Moments which would last forever,
Feelings untouched and so clear,
Last but not least
A Relationship at an end...

11th August 2010

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