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Thanks Nostalgic for tagging me, it was fun doing it as I don't have anything better to write :p

So here it goes my school memories which definitely would be boring for you people :p

What was your favorite back to school item to buy?
LOL I never knew that there were such things, but yeshh I used to love getting new diary sort of things, on which I used to scribble bad bad drawings or write my thoughts. Yeah I was weird... oh This reminds me my all time favorite thing which I forced my parents to buy me before new year was a new watch... I still love watches the cool sports one...

What was your favorite subject in school?
Angraigii... Yes I LOVED english

Did you ride the bus or get a ride from Mom/Carpool?
Well my school was just 5 mins away from my place so we used to walk after my mom left the school, yeshh my mum was the principal of our school (had to live the pressure :p :p). We used to go with mum, but once she left it was all us paiyaan paiyaan (walking)

Do you have a sack lunch or cafeteria food?
Well my mum is a pastry chef and a really good chef other wise too, so I used to get really cool stuff, but even if it was boring I used to trade it with my friends to eat altoo faltoo stuff from the cafeteria :p

What is your favorite memory from your school days? 
Woh toh dhair sari hain mayray pass... But the best one which you can say a little tharki memory :p was that I used to be in class 10 we used to stay at school for remedial classes till 6pm daily. It was a must for the whole class to attend, so one day I got a challenge from a girl of my class who was my doooor ki cousin too... She told me to propose a really good friend of mine and we were all sitting on the roof mausam fit tha studying... Sir had gone for tea, I took the rose from the plants we used to have on the roof and came to my knees and proposed infront of the whole class... and woh baaainnn baaaaiinn ker key ronay lag gayee... LOL she started crying like anything... hahaha she kept on saying mai apni maa ko kya mou dikhaoun gien, love would destroy me, how would I pass my exam and she kept on crying and crying... Then I and my cousin apologized her but she kept on crying all day... oh oh did I mention she accepted my flower? Jo bhi tha fit scene tha :DD 
We used to have so much fun in those classes, I have really enjoyed my school days from class 9 to 10

And well thats it I guess

Sidra chaudhry

P.s. Mia and Scribbling girl my two new followers :)

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