Every Night Souls Unite

8:52:00 PM

Your breath lingers, a slow burn,
You are destined to be in me...

You can not die,
nor can I kill you,
and fading is never an option for you,
as you remain here,
In my arms...

Slowly moving my hand around your neck
Like a distant torrent of rain,
dripping, sipping, sinking through the soil,
an urge so silent and concrete.

As I place my lips on yours
Our body-integrates a sensation,
forgetful contemplation of texture
my fingertips all around your body.

As I kiss your palm,
a silent smile...
A smile consisting of
Love, Care and devotion...

You place your hand on mine...
The want to feel my touch in your eyes,
The desire to feel safe within my arms,
The deep love just to hear my heart beat next to yours,
And a gentle kiss,
Just to know that I belong to you,
Forever and ever...

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