8:35:00 AM

It's differnt this time,
this is more than that.

I lost before,
because i was weak,
because i couldn't do anything
and a gun shout louder than me.

This time I won't lose you,
I'll keep you in my heart at least,
As I fade away,
Away from you,
from your life...

Diamond promises aren’t forever,
And angel feathers
Aren’t as white
As this blank canvas,
which I call my life...

I don’t know anymore.
I finally lost my reflection today,
I stare into the mirror and see nothing.

Like I’m fading into the background.
The real me doesn’t make a sound,
The personality that was at my core,
Barely exists anymore...

I woke up today pulling myself from my bed, and pretended to care about something, about my self. Looked into my eyes yet saw silence, something quite deep; a pain maybe! My concious telling me false things that everything will be okay... that I’m not really fading away. But how do I make this heart realise? How do I tell my eyes to stop it with this wait, this pathetic weakness it lives with? I am no more then a lost soul amongst the many, I have no direction, I have only solitude... And they know the way, they give the direction, they can't stand themselves. Confused and contorted, bruised and beaten, assimilated and alone.

The sound muting,
The lights are going dark...

Am fading away
Vanishing fast
Like an old photograph,
Whose memory never lasts...

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