Hard to breathe

4:59:00 AM

In my dreams;
It was me in your arms,
My lips on yours,
There was only us...

But the reality...
So dark and gloomy,
Just like my writing style...

I seriously don't know,
what is worst?
The feeling of us being apart,
or knowing that you are so close yet so far?

It is like things are blocked,
And that too in a way that they can not be reached...
And it is hard to breathe,
As all my feeling that are stuck
need to get unleashed...

It honestly is so hard to breathe,
to know that the next breath i'd take
would be without you...

Knowing that I'd live,
a moment,
a life,
a second,
without you...

I still remember when I got this disease;
the moment you left
it was way too hard to breathe...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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