Illuminati - The RAVE

8:13:00 PM

Linear is back!! After the success of Ecstasy Unraveled and Lunar BlackOu

We are all set and ready to do a hatric of events and bringing this time for you a RAVE!!

Illuminati - The Rave

"When medieval time meets the technos"

We bring to you:
Way too many addicting lights
Awesome sound
A theme which will make you bring out the best of you
and spinning Live a number of famous DJs

Dress code:
Red, White & Black

Angels and Demons (so let lose of your imaginations and be as creative and as Godyy you wish to be)

Passes Available from today onwards
Only 5 lounges available

 Ubaid: 03234800342

For event invites join our group on Facebook

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