Miss you mom!

6:25:00 PM

OKAY!! I finally admit it *sigh* haan haan I do miss you mom... I told you I won't... and you said key mai houn hi "Badeed" but today as the first roza ends I am missing you a lot... NO! I don't miss your food... wait a min I do miss that too... but the fact is that I miss the care, I have a long beard these days, my rooms a mess (hai na bea, umair and kashif?) though its very decorated these days :DD have been staying out late without being scolded... even smoking (not proud of) in room... oh haan I am quitting that for some reasons :p per jo bhi hai I MISS YOU!!! I miss being scolded... I miss being told that UBAID ULLAH AHMED time per ghar aana... even I miss the way we used to fight...

hehe and I miss beating kashif up :p aaj kal aap nahi hain toh us ko ziyada maar nahi raha... pleajjj jaldi aa jayein so at least I can hit him =D

and those of you who don't know where my mum is, well she is in dubai on holidays as my dad lives there so she is there... =/

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