No desire to incur pain

1:40:00 PM

I look into the sky,
wondering how i have let myself slowly drift by,
wondering if I would be missed,
Tearfully i find the truth,
there are few here for me,
many i would be there for,
Life on the line i would shed the blood of love,
withold the scars ment for those i before me,
take their pain and torment,
Release myself in the debt of blood,
owed by those who comforted me,
but what more is there to me,
I am pasionate about the woman i love,
as long as i breath no harm shall come to her by others,
But how do I stop the harm which I cause her every day?

How do I take away the pain which I incur?

I don’t want to hurt you.
I never thought to hurt you.
Never had the intentions of doing so.
I never said yes to you,
With the thoughts of hurting you,
In my head and heart.

I didn’t enter this relationship,
Thinking how could I hurt you,
But thinking how could I help you,
How could I make you happy and,
How could I better your life?

I don’t want to hurt you,
So don’t be scared,
That I’ll hurt you,
as I'd give up my self for you,
for us
for love
for your happiness...

Because I love you

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