Okay I Confess - Writers block

9:26:00 AM

Acha theek hai, I admit it and I confess... I have a writers block and no this is not recent, it has been over a week or 2 that I have this... but well after writing 576 posts on this blog and almost 200 on the other, I have learned the art to hide... Hide how you feel, hide how hurt you are, hide that you have a writers block and even hide the happiness takay nazar na lag jaye! Yes a weird thought but its true... The reason I have been doing so many collaborations these days is the only thing I am able to do is capture, capture while thinking a concept but when I open up my notepad and desire to write the concept up I BECOME BLANK!!! http://beyondthecanvas.blogspot.com is running like anything, I mean a picture per day even more coz of Ramadan challenge... but the only reason is that I collaborate!!

Why the block?? hmm it can be said that am confused, am frustrated am hurt and at times speechless... Kya bataoun? That how fucked up things are, that how insane my life is going ya phir yeh bataoun how I pretend to smile smile smile and just effing smile coz if I don't it would have so many adverse effects...

It is so weird, that my fingers are on the keyboard and all am doing is staring at the blank page of my notepad...Wondering what to write (yes I am intelligent to wonder :p)... But the question is that how do I put all these emotions into words? How can I make people understand how I feel? Is it possible that I remain silent and automatically the people I wish to understand, understand my pain? my emptiness? my confusion? Is it possible that my eyes depict and portray that my mind is completely blank tet at the same time full of thoughts.. Nothing makes sense hai na? My mind contradicts itself...

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