Tu Nishaan-e-Azm-e-Alishan

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Tu Nishaan-e-Azm-e-Alishan...
Yet again 14th of August is here... things are becoming worse day by day... It is no more a country which our Quaid dreamt of nor the ideology is left... All what left is hopeless people, shattered dreams, agonizing pain, hunger, suffering, destructions, politics and a sinking voyage... If we say it's our fault it won't be wrong but to say destroying it our desire then this would be a lie... Time heals, but for our country tch tch the definition of healing has to be redefined... 
But I must say, the thing which separates us from majority is that whenever a crisis come we stand all together... Yet I see this passion fading too...
I do not know what others desire to say but I say ay watan tujh per aaj bhi utni hi jaan kurbaan jitni pehley thi... and with the core of my heart I desire to say

To be with you in these explosions
To be with you in the time of crisis
To be with you in these disasters
Is not a decision which is forced upon me
It is what I desire, I choose
To see this PROMINENT GREEN standing out its color
To see the prominent green in front of my eyes
To see our country, our flag and its colors stand out
Stand out even in the time of darkness....
To be a proud Pakistani
To wish you Azadi Mubarik"

Though I know I shouldn't end it with negativity per

Pani main doob rahi hai meri dharti aye Arz-e-Watan
Main kis zubaan sey kahun "Azadi Mubarak"

So lets pray for a better Pakistan, for better US... Pray that the hardships end and all which remains after that a Pakistan which rises, which motivates, which indulges no pain.
Lets pray for Pakistan not because we live here but because it lives in our heart and soul... We as a nation have come out of lots of disasters so why not unite again and pull this one heck of beautiful ship out of the storm and into the wide oceans sailing as never before...

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