YES 80 + ohhhhh 500 and other bakwaaaass

4:41:00 PM

Nostalgic thanks for following my blaaaag! Now I have 80 followers 

and ohhhh ohhh ohhh finally I have 500 followers on my fan page!! And if you wanna LIKE me then the link is => ;) ;) :p :p 

aaj kal I don't feel like writing anything, achaaawww I do feel like writing something per I want to make my words value is liye aaj kal chup hua hua houn! 

things are bad at some ends tense bhi houn kaafiii so pleaajjj pray that things sort out! 

Today I saw my name in the List my new section is again "I", yes my majors are Marketing and Media Studies so lets see how my new class is, already I hate 3 class fellows of mine UFF THAAAAY ARE SUCH BEEP BEEP BEEP khairr Allah behter karay

Mayray ko aaj bohat roza lag raha hai, bhook nahi per pyaaaaaaasss sey mara jaa raha houn... LSE mai ghumnay ka yehi anjaam hota hai :(

Anyways I am killing my time writing this post so if you get bored THEN GET LOTS buhahahahahahah nahi nahi naraaj na ho, mai just weird weird hua houn I so like tawking in a faankkyy vayyyy :s

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