Addictive ain't it, but I still have a life! Yes I do, STOP pointing fingers... MAI ACHA HOUN!!!

9:51:00 PM

Oh well am having fun, lol doing three simultaneous things and well all of these are damn addicting

Playing with mamoo's friend and lol winning RUNG, loosing FLASH and winning BABHI TULLA :p :p

Ultimate love songs, lol no I don't mean LOVY DOVY songs I meant songs which are love ohhh come on you get me naah

Yeshhh am facebooking, whenever I get free I do that, cards can be slow and ohh ohh if I don't get my attentions and priority right I'll loooseee :p

won 1200rs till now

nahi nahi mazaak kar raha houn, mai jua nahi lagata mai shareef bacha houn :D such mai! Jua nahi nahi :p

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