Dhaba food is cool

9:02:00 AM

Yes it is cool if you want to die =/

Monday night, I had gone out with my friends oh I mean after that post I went out with my friends to have some dinner, and they all had a very insane idea to go to a truckoun wala dhaba and have dinner... Sooo we went we ate, and I DIED!!! Naa I meant, food poisoning... pehley hi band baji hui thii full time uper say food poisoning ho gayee... it started with nausea, but I thought I wasn't sleeping much it would be coz of that but then YUKH YUKH vomitting start ho gayee... and in the start it was good but then number vavaa berh gaya =( and I had to go to hospital... medics di per I kept on throwing up so they placed a drip on me =/ =/ and I don't know what the glass thingy in which injection daling scene hota hai what you call that... but ok drip, drip drip... MAYRI VEINS NAHI MILTIIII TOH MUJHEY MAAR DALNAY KA IRADA THA UN KAAA!!!!!! uluu kay pathay kept on trying to find it and placing it, at the end the stupid nurse had raptured so many of my veins that weird hi andazay say lagayee... and yes it was hurting :( the doctor termed the virus a very weird thing it called IT Rotavirus yes weird...

anyways, weakness hai, am suppose to be in bed for a day or two, as fever abhi bhi hai... in fact still suffering from high fever

other updates in my life is, Its over with her... completely over... lol she deserves better :)

and my series of Ramadan was on hold so would try to upload the remaining pictures as soon as possible

life is quite weird though... uper say I have to submit a presentation of 30 mins along with 10,000 to 15,000 words article regarding "Police Reform of Pakistan - A critique" so this means i have to read 1967's reform, 2002's reform, 2006's reform and then 2010's draft which all makes above 1300 pages. And the worst part is we got the topic be email yesterday and we have to do the whole thing by tuesday and every freaking thing in this country would be closed coz of eid and and and mayri aaj tabiyaat nahi sahi that I go and do the interviews :( oh and like there are 3 other group members of mine jin mai say one girl is working quite hard and she would, but the other girl ka Allah hi hafiz hai and the fourth one we don't even know who he is toh us ko contact kahan say karein uper say my uni is off too... AAAH

jo bhi hai DHABA food is cool it gets you instant sick :p =/ =(

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