Silent Survival

12:44:00 PM

Chup kareke kareen guzaare nu.
Sach sunke log na sehnde ni, sach aakhiye te gal pained ni.
Phir sache paas na behnde ni, sach mitha aashiq pyaare nu.
Chup kareke kareen guzaare nu.

Stay silent to survive... Stay silent to live another day... People ha! People cannot stand to hear the truth. They kill, they hurt they indulge pain if you speak it... And yes they stay away from those who know how to tell the truth... But truth is sweet to its lovers! It provides them life a motive to breathe another day... I guess truth destroys the peace to come while rapturing its lovers to an extent that they vanish for others...

Chup aashiq to na hundi eh, jis aayi sach sugandhi eh.
Jis maahl suhaag di gundi eh, chadd duniya kood pasaare nu.
Chup kareke kareen guzaare nu.

Yet to keep a lover silent, is hard especially the one who has inhaled the ultimate fragrance of truth. Nor the ones for which life is about plaiting love into them... Yes they do vanish, they leave this world of falsehood and stay silent to survive... But oh brutal love, what is the fault of a vivid lover? Which expresses the truth without a fear, without a thought of hindrance?

ay bullay aa mai tainu pukaraan
ik tu hi such akhaay gaa

Would you hear my silent whisper? My voice meekly coming out of my larynx, would you speak up? Would you say the truth? Would you express your love without the fear of being thrushed?

Bulla Shah sach hun bole hai, sach shara tareekat phole eh.
Gal chauthe pad di khole eh, jiha shara tareeke haare nu.
Chup kareke kareen guzaare nu.

And yes he speaks the truth, uncovering the truth but for what? For the ears that are listening do not inspire, do not listen the story of love nor the story of truth. They just hear the words which they wish to hear so opening the paths of the fourth level is not the solution... Silence is the only way out, so survive by remaining silent... stay silent to survive...

Bulleh Shah's kalam extracted by my thoughts
© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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