Smart yet brutal

6:55:00 PM

You killed me when you lied, you killed me with your actions… you killed me knowing how much I love you... it hurts like hell but I would know what that’s like because I am familiar with hell I have been there and back… back yet again...

They all hate me now,
So what's the point anymore?
As I lay here, on the dirty floor,
Lying silently, without any peace.
Wondering why my all of you hate me so,
And not caring if my true emotions show.

Should I just give up?
Or should I just give in?
Fading, destroying, vanishing...
I feel as though I'm sinking in.
Sinking into the earth I used to trod,
And the list of those who don't care is very broad.

Fed up, yes I am...
Giving up on everyone, everything.
It seems like my life is the final thread on a string,
And of course you're the one who just cut that thread,
Causing me to land on my head.

I've been killed, thousands of time,
I've been stunned, for a long time...

So many times my back was stabbed,
So many times my heart was trampled...

But I love the way you did,
what you had to...
Silent... deadly... brutal
Yet beautiful...

Woh zehar deta to duniya ki nazron main aa jata
Kamaal ki soch thi us ki, Kay waqt per dawaa na di

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