The Story of OUR lives

4:02:00 PM

Mia Says:

Her heart
called out,                                                     
but was unheard
by the one who mattered most.
Her eyes
shone bright,
but the lustre
went unnoticed
by the one
they sparkled for.
Her smile
touched hearts
of all but
of the one
it was meant for.
And yet she never
lost hope.
For hope springs eternal
in the human heart.

He listening the sound
of her heart
Knowing that all what matters
to her is him.
Touched by her smile,
yet a facade of cold expressions.
In cold an unhappy times,
Hoping her terrible crime.
Love he has for her,
Which soothes his soul,
but maintaining the silence
a duty, an obligation 
to scar his own heart.
Vile hope torments his soul,
He a declaration against all hope...
Yet to see the sparkle of her eyes
for him; his only dream...

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