Magic Rain

11:58:00 PM

I've been driving for an hour, Just talking to the rain.... You said I had been driving you crazy and that is what was keeping us away. So just give me one good reason today, tell me why I should stay? Cause I dont wanna waste another moment in saying things which i never meant to say. I Take it just a little bit, I, hold my breath and count to ten. I've been waiting for a chance to let you in... And today its the perfect day when i should express, what i was urging to say for months now. Yes, i was the one, who made you go away, the one who terminated every single method of communication. And again i am the one who is expressing his heart out. I did miss you alot, every single breath of mine did want to call you, wanted to hear your voice or to just know that you are ok. But call it my foolishness, or childish behavior that i couldn't understand what i was suppose to be doing, and what i did. I do regret, yes i am saying it... I do regret what i did, but it was your fault as well that you let me go so easily, if you have just called for me once i would have returned and you even knew that. I don't think there is any use to recall what happened and what not, I just want to say that I love you a lot, and to tell you that i still exist. I still remember each and every day and time which i spent with you. I am whispering to you in this gloomy dark weather, Hoping you hear me... Do you hear me? Let my emotions fill the space between us.....

Let the rain do its' magic and mesmerize us and make us fall again in love... Let rain take away the pain, the remorse and the regret... Let rain unite us today... forever and ever...

Wrote it way back, fiction hi hai

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