8:49:00 AM

Midterms from tomorrow till saturday... Thank God I just stopped being negative or you can say at least I don't look screwed up... :p

On other notes I hate my medication!! I really hate it... It keeps me more drowsy =/ And why do doctor talk gibberish?

Me: What's wrong with me?
Dr: You have a combination of Vertigo and Orthostatic Hypotension
Me: Ortho what?
Dr: Orthostatic
Me: Huh
Dr: Orthostatic hypotension with a combination of vertigo
Me: Ahan, ahan! But what does this ortho blaah blaah means
Dr: It means that the a change in position causes a temporary reduction in your blood flow and therefore a shortage of oxygen to the brain. This leads to lightheadedness and, the "black out" thing you have been complainin.
Me: *nods blankly*

Allah kuch bhi banaye per mayra jidhay naal viyaah ho unhoo dr naa banayeinn *facedesk*

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