Slow Burn

9:52:00 AM

Slowly burning, as I inhale
Smoke softly entering my lungs
Cold, sweet, intoxicating my soul
This delicious torture writhing
Whilst my blood within me burns with anguish

Relentless and unchecked
Coal and the flavor burning
These sensations unforgiving
For me time is at a stand...

If this is living
Previous, I’d not been living
Through every single puff
Releasing boiling tension
My pleasures are unabridged
That I at times forget to mention

Oh smoke, do you intend to kill me?
Well, it -is- worth dying for
No, not the cigarette but yes the pleasure
These waves are rolling through me
And I’m always wanting more

I’m at the edge of being perished
In a tide so celestial
Like a dream, it besieges away
As I sit infront of this burnt pleasure

Photography & Poetry © Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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