I have to admit

9:52:00 PM

Firstly, I think I got good response for the erotic poetry I wrote... (those of you who missed it click on the link ahead http://ubeee.blogspot.com/2010/11/steamy.html )

Life's weird... I think I have lost the desire to live... the only things which keep on making me happy are weird...

Photography is more like the only thing which provides me peace... I have so much work to do, and I just can not focus

It's been more 3 weeks I haven't gone back home, I miss home... I miss my mom... I MISS MY BED!

I guess I miss a lot of things and people... I miss xnb, nimra, umair, fatima... and ... hmm choro... It's like there's a huge hole in me which I try to fill but I just can't... I keep on carrying a facade, I keep on lying with my self, I keep on pretending, I keep on showing everyone that am doing all great but I admit I am not... Studies are a mess, work I just don't feel like going to my office... In fact its been 2 weeks I haven't seen the shakal of my office... hahah baki choro its like jab say mayra blog public hua hai I haven't been honest to what I write, balkay I just don't vent out and today it feels good... Bloggiiee I miss you, I miss mayri 5 JAANEIN!!! and I miss lots of other people too no matter what they did to me but I miss them...

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