My name on her arms

3:07:00 PM

She wrote my name on her arms...
Not by knife
Not by blade
But pouring the color of hennah all the way...

To write my name for her was a way,
She understands me, was all she wanted to say...

To say that
As she wanders of into the distance
She expects me to always find her.

To write my name on her amrs,
Is for me to know that she is fragile
That one day she'll fall, and if she does
She expects me to heal her aching wounds...

To write my name on her arms,
A way to tell, that she wants me there.
For me to know that I should hold her closely,
To touch her innocent soul with my warm heart...

To write my name on her arms,
Is a signal for me to gaze into her deep eyes
And say the three words
That will incapuslate her all
As her touch melds into my embrace
Giving me the respect and love
To write my name on her heart
Forever, and ever and ever...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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