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Picture Courtesy Deviant Art
Lifted you in my arms,
Softly placing you on bed...

Something in your eyes said that I am your desire,
As I gazed, they teased and taunted me...
Making my thoughts go wild,
as I place my hand on your cheek...

A soft voice coming from your lips,
and to make you mine became my choice...

Our garments soon hit the floor,
The taste of your lips,
moving my very core...
Your pleasant scent
adding to the allure,
as I move my hand all over you...

Your flexible body,
your skin so smooth.
You are the curve,
To all my ailments.

I kiss your lips, then your neck,
your breasts and stomach,
further down still
Between your hips...
Letting my tongue do the work
And reaching for your chest
As you moan and your body arches
And you jerk with pleasure...

Soft, Gentle, Sweet
Making you love how my hands feel on your skin,
But also, Erotic, Steamy, Tantalizing
As I touch you, could feel the heart beat rising...

Your reach to me
A thrust forward
A jerk back, repeat
A joyful scream
Like out of a dream
The gleam in your eyes
As your legs wrap around me
And squeeze

Our desires engulf us,
Our pleasure heighten,
In our act of lust and love...

Kissing you wildly, sucking your lips badly
As you scream,
a dynamic finish...

All what left is,
Us; Holding each other tightly,
wrapped around each other,
as your head on my chest,
my hand around your waist,
lying entangled in each other,
admiring each others feature...
as we close our eyes,
making each other sleep...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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