Visky's play time + Featured Blogger of the month

12:19:00 AM

Finally Visky became friendly too :D and I was bored so made a video

Am so busy with the wedding these days, but tonight was sleepless so thought why not write... so wrote lots of post but don't feel like uploading that...

Anyways, finally initiating my blogger of month series... i.e every month I'll feature a blogger which I think deserves fame and appreciation for their writing so this month's blogger is:

Blogger name: SHADY
Blog id:
Favorite post: Distance

"There is a hole in my heart.

A big deep hole. Distance. That’s what I am losing you to. I built my life around you. I always dreamt of lying next to you, in summer and winter. I want you by my side forever, no matter what. Today, it feels like I wont have you around for long. My heart hurts. Such unexplainable pain. The extent of my loss is too great to be put in words.

Today my heart silently cries because we will never be what we thought years ago. Back then things made sense, they were real.

Now, you have left me to burn on my own. "

A simple post, but felt so much that it became my favorite (I need to comment on it as well =$)

ANYWAYS!! For me the blogger of the month (November) is SHADY

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