51 question thingy

10:47:00 AM

  1. Been arrested? No but was at the spot when many of my friends got arrested :P
  2. Kissed someone you didn't like? Yes, its not that bad.. trust me on this :P
  3. Slept in until 5 PM? nope.
  4. Fallen asleep at work/school? Yeah, once or twice... am bad with sleeping...
  5. Held a snake? Yes, the non poison type :D
  6. Ran a red light? YESH! (kids nothing to be proud of) :P
  7. Been suspended from school? Does going to DC's office count? ;)
  8. Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident? yes :(
  9. Sang karaoke? Yes. AM A BAD SINGER
  10. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? LOL, yeah, its fun to be young :p
  11. Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes. mai lame houn :D
  12. Caught raindrops on your tongue? Yes! LIke totally awesome :D
  13. Sang in the shower? Yes yes and yes...
  14. Sat on a rooftop? Yeah! its a nice place :d
  15. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? Yeah :( bad memories... bad bad memory...
  16. Broken a bone? No. Alhamdullilah :)
  17. Shaved your head? NO!!!! and NEVER
  18. Blacked out from drinking? Does drinking too much energy drink after thusaafying lots of food and hitting the bed right after counts? ^_6
  19. Played a prank on someone? Who hasn't?
  20. Felt like killing someone? I have a list :)
  21. Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Yes, It's not that hard...
  22. Had reptiles for pets? mmmmm, I think no... but I have lots of lizzards at my place THIS DEFINITELY COUNTS AS YES :D
  23. Been in a band? Yes, manager :)
  24. Shot a gun? oh yeah baby...
  25. Donated Blood? Yes, juice bhi piyaa mufttiii ka :)
  26. Eaten alligator meat? YUKHHH no...
  27. Eaten cheesecake? Yessss, my mom makes awesome cheese cakes :)
  28. Still love someone you shouldn't be? -_- hmmmmmmm
  29. Believe in love? DUDE READ MY POETRY -_o
  30. Sleep on a certain side of the bed? I like sides :)
  31. Been in more than 2 countries? Yes :)
  32. Shoplifted something? Not as yet...
  33. Colored your hair? naa soon will...
  34. Been Skydiving? Inshallah will...
  35. Lived alone? for two weeks yesh :)
  36. Still have all your original organs? nobody wants my organs :( so yes.
  37. Swam with sea turtles? nahi...
  38. Played Doctor? Its a fun game, if you have PEOPLE playing with you ;)
  39. Met a Prime Minister? Yes :)
  40. Met a President? no.
  41. Like Beer? Yes, non-alcoholic
  42. Had a baby? 0_o
  43. Been on a train? Yes.
  44. Taken a dare? Yes.
  45. Still have your wisdom teeth? is that the teeth which hurts a lot? If yes then didn't get one as yet =P
  46. Been to a concert? Yes.
  47. Lied for a good reason? Every lie has a good reason ;)
  48. Been to a nude beach? *sigh* NO... =/
  49. Driven a boat? Yes :)
  50. Been to the top of a skyscraper? Nope
  51. Have a best friend? Yes

If you are bored enough, do it!! :D

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