Agonizing Sex

8:00:00 AM

Courtesy Deviant Art
I looked,
You smiled.
Moving into you,
I touch,
Playing with your long hair,
I kiss...

Your finger tracing down my back,
Your nails like blades,
Blades that cut the skin,
Pulling my head back by my hair,
You make me ache within.

Biting my ear, you whisper
"I love you"
The three words which didn't make sense,
Then you continue,
Continue treating me like an animal.

Holding you so close,
I know I will penetrate you,
Profane you,
Intercede you,
Like you did with my trust.

But I won't let you into my reality,
I won't memorize your prayers,
I will not remain an angel anymore,
I'm full of cruelty,
I'll not be the keeper of sentimentality.

I'll bleed,
So will you,
As our souls entangle in this rage of agony,
And distrust...

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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