I bakwasafy - you ko problem?

6:14:00 PM

BLAAA BLAAA BLAAA!!! naaa bleeehhh bleeeh BLEEEH... yes am bored... well tomorrow my second last paper but seriously don't feel like studying

its been ages since I wrote that weird update thing I used to write...

oh today is my Brothers birthday, so happy birthday KASHUU BASHUU (hopefully you'll take us for dinner, if you do then i'll definitely love you :p :p)

okay so I heard that its cold in Islamabad! I so have to go there, have lots of WORK -_-

mom made cake today, and I stupid didn't take any pic...

oh and we had guests early in the morning, so mom made cup cakes too so it was a very sweet day I guess :P :p

am happy, tumhay bill aa raha hai kya? BUHAHAH am so over everyone in the past :p :p and am shoo happy and saying SHOO is so lame hai naa but who cares...

Marketing exam, Ahan, I should study achaaa I will, pata nahi maybe I will :D

tuesdaY ko last paper phir chutiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn

will you marry me? :P

mujheyyy movie dekhni hai harry potter wali :( cinema mai kyun nahi lag rahi :( Yes I know muharam, per movie laga doh plsssss

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