12:23:00 AM

I feel so trapped in this nightmare... The pain I feel just wont go away... Why am I so empty... Is this a game or human nature... Me ubaid, being awake so late was lol weird... But now sleepless nights have become so common in my life, self harm, hurting to every limit possible, writing negative thoughts, stressing my self in so much work so common that it feels a part of me...

"Knocking on your heart again,
Its dark out here please say you'll let me in
Iv'e been outside here once before
So close to the fire is where I get burned

Give me love or give me death
Just don't put me in the fire with the rest
You'll love me now and leave me on
To that furnace where you reckless heart belongs"

Weird things rehanna says! Love burns, but what about anxiety burning a person? What about solitude burning a person... lol it weird at times people write pointless stuff not to mean anyone anything just to vent out, same is the case with me. Its my blog I can write anything I desire... Why should I listen to them

I WANT TO SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously want to...

I want a cigarette too, but at this bloody hour nothing would be open... its weird never had such a craving...

Anathema screws up the mind... I HURT I HURT I... pata nahi... BLAAA BLAA BLAA!!

Tearing the Jesus
Christ from the holy womb
Building this coffin
For my unholy tomb
Prayers from hell
Cannot see the signs
Forever I'll burn
With the sinful kind

I'll keep on Burning Away

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