I support that's why am wrong?

8:36:00 AM

This year things are getting as weird as it can be, first the molvi's on Geo tv keep on yapping about religion and stuff and instead of saying "God is the one who should decide what's wrong and what's right" they take the matters in their own hands and start pointing out on different religion. So what if I am a SUNNI that doesn't mean I have the right to say that Shia's are wrong.

Whenever I start a debate about this although I usually don't get into religious talks as it ends up in quarrels and fights without a logical reason I am considered wrong. Why am I wrong? Because am a Sunni who prefers going to Majlis, because I am Sunni and do not care in which mosque I pray. Because am a Sunni and listen to nohas and actually feel them? Is that the reason why am considered wrong?

Why does everyone forget that we are Muslims, okay forget the Sunni/Shia thing, even in Islam it has been told to us that we have no right to call anyones' religion wrong or false. Then doesn't this certify that we do not have the right to call anyones' belief wrong either?

You know what the worst part is, I am criticized by both... The Sunni's who consider my support to Shia's wrong, and The Shia's who consider that I can not respect their norms because am Sunni. This thing is getting worse, seriously worse I just pray that it becomes fine and this Muharram goes out with peace. Because somehow I feel and see that lot of negativity and propaganda's are being taken place just to indulge everyone in fights.
May God Protect us all.

p.s. I have my final exams starting from today, please do pray

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