Naked race

4:23:00 PM

Silently looking at the naked corpse beside the old sewage pit at the far end of the slums.. bruises at her rising-tomb like breasts.. the right breast has cigarette burn on the pink taut nipple ... once her bosoms must have been supple and beautiful... oh but they are still as beautiful... the charred patches just seem to adorn her private parts.. they add a teasing mystery to her otherwise bare brutally denuded body... she must have had put a lot of struggle... there still remain blood drained dregs of her clothes scattered around... she is around sixteen since the rest of her unscorched body is still supple with signs of youth that were yet not drained out of her even after the excruciating torment she must have had to put with... she is lying there as if she is still gestated in the mother's womb... its as if she is attempting to contain herself.. her beautiful bare disfigured legs all crawled up to her bosoms... she has a serene grace on her face though... she is drained in blood as she would be prenatally... but right now she has a countenance of the innocent lamb of Hadrat Ibrahim.. happy to be sacrificed.. engaging sight all of it... all the corruption drains out of mind as I see the beautiful sacrificed lamb in front of me... She does not belong to this world with its diabolical sadistic god... and not even hereafter is her salvation then... right now this sewage pit is the place where this ethereal darling belongs... here you go lovely creature.. dissolve in the waste of this wasted race...

mein kya janun kya sharm haya
tujhe jan ke mein sab bhool gaya
jo kehte hain yeh kufr khata
kafir kya hain un ko kya pata

sach sach mein bolne wala hun
mein man ka behad kala hun
tere rang mein man rang lun ga
--- thoroughly atrophied mind... or may be that black spot in my heart has outgrown the crimson heart i possessed...

Safa Khan

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